I wasn’t always into health and fitness. From the age of 7 until I was 20 I was seriously overweight, eventually topping the scales at 19 stone. It was at this point that I decided enough was enough. It has been a long journey and it hasn’t always been plain sailing but 7 stone later and a complete physical, mental and nutritional overhaul have given me invaluable insight into weight loss – the good ways of doing it, the bad ways of doing it, the emotional and physical challenges one must overcome to get where you need to be. These lessons in willpower and commitment translate into all areas of physical fitness also. I am supportive, friendly, understanding and knowledgeable but most importantly I will always be completely honest with you. If you are not eating well enough I will tell you. If you are not working hard enough I will tell you! Your fitness goals are a team effort and I will track and support your progress every step of the way.

I have taught and designed classes for David Lloyd and Fitness First and also co-runs a Strongman class in South Darenth.

Body & Soul Fitness was founded by James Turner in 2012 and has already in that short time helped people of all ages and backgrounds achieve their personal goals, be it weight loss, muscle gain, running a marathon, triathlon or other test of physical ability.

From his purpose built fitness studio in Northumberland Heath James uses a variety of methods to put you through your paces including Kettlebells, Boxercise and pad work, bodyweight exercises, Vipr, TRX, free weights, interval training and power plates. James is also available to travel to you if necessary and his clients never fail to be surprised by the thorough workouts they can get from the equipment he can fit in the back of his car!


Weight loss:
  • Food diaries
  • Meal planning
  • Nutritional advice
  • Body composition measuring and tracking (weight and body fat)

  • TRX (Suspension training)
  • Kettlebells
  • Vipr
  • Barbell and dumbbell training
  • Circuit training
  • Core strength
  • Padwork and boxercise

Strength and Hypertrophy:
  • Olympic weightlifting and barbell training
  • Strongman training
  • Structured and periodised programming
  • Nutritional and supplement advice

‘My main goals are to tone up and feel healthier. Commuting everyday meant that I have to grab food on the go and spend alot of the day sitting down. I lacked motivation to go to the gym especially late in the evening so wanted to find someone to motivate me. The thought of having someone come to me was great! I didn’t have to move and would find it difficult to cancel if it was a one on one session.

I noticed a difference after about 4 sessions, my fitness improved and although I hadn’t lost alot of weight I felt tighter all over. I didn’t necessarily want to lose alot of weight so losing 5lb has been a bonus! I’ve now had about 9 sessions and I have lost 5lb and can definitely feel a difference. I am wearing dresses that I haven’t worn for 3 years. My target area was my back and stomach and I can see a big difference already (soooo happy!).

James is extremely professional and personable. He is easy to talk to and clearly very knowledgable about how to work different areas on your body and has given me loads of eating tips and nutrition advice. I already feel more confident and happier in myself thanks to James. I am really excited to see how far I get after 24 sessions and will never ever buy a gym membership again. Personal Training with James is the way forward.’


‘If you’re looking to lose weight, enjoy your sessions and be inspired then James Turner is the Personal Trainer for you. I came to James two and a half months ago , with a goal and a challenge for not only myself also for him. In the past I have had trainers who have lacked in understanding, consistency and motivation.

James excels in every aspect of his job. He motivates me to believe that any goal is achievable and that the mind is also a great tool in overcoming many limitations in losing weight and getting fit. The sessions are never boring and always trying something new.

Every session is a challenge and every session he will push me that little bit further towards my goal. I have so far lost two and a half stone and feel amazing! A new level of self confidence has been restored and I know that with James I will continue forward to achieve my goal. He is truly an inspiration , someone who will motivate you and most importantly help you lose weight and get fit. ‘



 Prices available on request. Discounts are available for block bookings and for training groups of two or more.

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Winners aren’t people who never fail. Winners are people who never quit.
James Turner

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